Line Dancing

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THEO WILLIAMS will be your contact to ALL Line dance troupes who would like to be part of the SA Country Music Artist Foundation. As am active member of the LDSA (Line Dance South Africa), Theo has won several National and International Dancing Awards. His unique style of combining other dance art forms with Line Dancing and Couples Line Dancing, sets him uniquely apart from the norm. He is also the CEO of NCWDM (National Country & Western Dance Masters) whose objective is for all dancers to enjoy equal opportunities in the development and promotion of Country Western Line & Couple Dancing on a National & Inter-national level. Through the affiliation of SACMA Foundation and NCWDM greater performance opportunities await line dancers and artists alike in the world of entertainment.  See more about the NCWDM at
If you would like to get more information, please contact Theo at 071 673 0807 or at  Thank you.

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