SACMAF Internship


SACMAF provides opportunities for continuing education through internships in many different concentrations. SACMAF’s philosophy is more about learning-by-doing and not just by observation. Working with SACMAF will provide valuable insights into the operations of SACMAF, as well as provide an opportunity to participate in activities within the entertainment industry.

SACMAF is committed to promoting Country Music in all forms through its two biggest galas, SACMAF Music Festival and the SACMAF Awards, and numerous other high profile events and projects throughout the year.

The Foundation is always looking for bright, energetic, hard-working people with a passion for Country Music and an unyielding thirst for challenges. A variety of internships are available in each department at SACMAF and volunteer opportunities are available for SACMA

FAN FEST, SACMAF Music Festival and the SACMAF Awards.

Find information about different ways you can contribute your talents and skills at SACMAF.

Request an application form at *** INTERNSHIPS COMMENCE IN 2018****

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